Improvements in Fuel Economy Rolling Along

In the last few years there’s been a major move towards more fuel efficient cars around the world. The days of driving huge gas guzzling trucks seems to be slowly dwindling, as many turn in the keys to their SUV for more compact earth-friendly vehicles. Many governments have also begun to tackle the issues of fuel economy.  The United States issued mandates last year that will require automakers to double the fuel economy on new trucks and cars by 2025; this would be 54.5 miles per gallon on average. Many other countries have also created mandates to improve fuel economy, for instance cars in the European Union are supposed to get 60.6 miles per gallon by 2020.

TiresBut many have asked what does a person do if they can’t afford a new car and want to be more fuel efficient? There are other steps that can be taken to improve fuel economy, such as changing the parts of a current vehicle to more fuel efficient parts. Many tires are made with a great amount of rolling resistance, causing more friction and force to overcome for a vehicle, and in turn more gas usage.   An example of these parts is your tires.  By switching to tires that have a lower rolling resistance a vehicle will travel further without using as much gas.  At Kokusai, our rolling resistance machines allow manufacturer to test their tire designs in many ways ensuring that each tire model is helping a vehicle achieve optimal fuel efficiency.  Our  other tire testing machines may test for durability and vibration, but the rolling resistance tester is specifically for this ever increasing purpose.

Its innovation and rethinking that will help make the products and appliances we use every day more eco-friendly. Automakers and companies in other industries will have a very tall task in altering many of the ways they’ve created their products and operated their businesses.  We have the technology and services to help!

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