Kokusai Is Heading to Automotive Testing Expo North America

The Automotive Testing Expo in North America serves as a platform for more than 260 companies to demonstrate the latest technologies and services in the automotive industry. This year, if you stop by booth 14022, you can see a live demonstration of our vibration table, and you can also hear about big changes happening with our company.

Kokusai Inc, as many of you know, is a subsidiary of Kokusai Japan, where ideas move hard and fast into the testing type of environment. Historically, we’ve been primarily involved with production and some laboratory units, but now that our business in has expanded to include a new building, we can house and engineer even more testers. Here are some of the machines we are making in our new facility:

Drive Train related testers:

1) High Spinning Torsion for clutch and torque converter and engine accessories
2) Dynamometer with power circulation
3) Low Speed Spinning Torsion for gears
4) Engine Simulator for FF/FR Transmission and Torque Converter
5) Starter and Ring Gear Tester

Tire and Tire/Wheel
1) Tire Durablity
2) Tire Abrasion
3) Driving Stability

1) Steering Mechanism
2) Electric Servo Torsion
3) All kinds of vibration tables
a) 4 poster for vehicle testing
b) 4 independent tables for multiple testing or pitch and yaw
c) versions at 30G with 100G in development
4) Flat belt
5) Horizontal Impact for car battery

For our customers, this means Kokusai can incorporate the global innovations into our shop. The new multi-story building gives us more room to work, and we’ve designated this building solely for testing equipment—which makes it a perfect topic to tie into this trade show.

At the expo, we’ll be showing off our “Quake,” and we will have a video and literature on other machines. Check out this video from 2012 to get an idea of what we’ll be bringing to the expo:

Keep up with what’s happening at the Automotive Testing Expo October 22-24 by following us on Twitter, and for more information on our products and expansion, head over to our website.

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