Highly Specialized Testing Equipment

kokusai Engineless TesterOver the past few years, many companies have introduced specialized testing equipment, especially in Japan.  As world leaders in precision measuring, our specialized testers are backed by years of experience and our use of highly accurate and precise vibration measurement and vibration creation equipment that utilize our custom electric servo motor actuators.  First used in our torsion and tensile testers, we later created a new version of them for specifically for our shaker equipment (including our latest High G shaker).  Taking our past experience and success, we’ve taken further evolutions using our electric servo actuators for even a broader range of testing and are seeing results unprecedented in our industry.

When testing automotive components such as transmissions using our actuators, momentary accelerations that normally occur when the transmission is connected to an actual engine can be accurately simulated.   Attempts in the past utilizing regular electric motors or other mechanisms did not allow for these moments to be transmitted to the transmission and therefore the testing was not adequate and premature failures occurred.  Our specialized actuators can put forth a micro burst, very fast, high-frequency vibrations high accelerations/decelerations that mimic what an engine actually does, without having to actually use an engine and deal with all of the issues that trying to use an actual engine can introduce, such as noise, exhaust,  etc.  With our technology, the tester gets an engine simulation with the added benefits of programmability that comes from using an electric actuator instead of an actual engine.  This is just one latest example of the capability of this technology.

kokusai SteeringAnother example is our multi-access steering tester. Using our electric servo actuators, we combined our torsion testers with servo technology to not only actuate the steering mechanism but also induce vibration at the hub.  By using this technology we can control movements and vibrations with precision that cannot be matched by hydraulic methods.  The steering tester is used in the lab to actuate the steering mechanism as if turning the wheel, while the hub area will vibrate from programmable inputs, such as road vibrations, tire uniformity and unbalance and even some road events such as hitting potholes.  This is yet another example of the highly specialized equipment using this technology that can be uniquely tailored to our customers’ particular use.  Any automotive testing equipment can benefit from this advanced technology that we offer.

To learn more about this technology and how it can work for you, visit our website and feel free to contact us with any questions.

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