Top 5 Automotive Trends Expected for 2014

Our last blog brought you a recap of 2013, which was an outstanding year across the board for the automotive industry and Kokusai. We know it will be tough to top such a productive year, but we think there are five trends that will make 2014 equally as successful.

1. Even More Autonomous Cars
While 2013 saw major car makers lay out tentative plans for their self-driving cars of the future, 2014 will see even more action. Experts now believe that there will be 54 million autonomous cars on the road by 2035.

2. Solar Powered Hybrids
Just as 2013 ended, Ford announced the company has been developing a solar-powered hybrid car known as the C-Max Solar Energi Concept. The aim is to create a hybrid that doesn’t need to be plugged-inand doesn’t rely on traditional energy sources.

3. Higher Demand for In-Vehicle Technology
Each year, consumers demand more high-tech gadgets in their cars and trucks. According to the experts at Accenture, drivers are now twice as likely to base their buying decisions on in-car technology rather than performance.

4. Strong Sales
Looks like it will be another year where auto sales outpace the overall economy. is forecasting 16.4 million new car sales in 2014, which would be up from 2013’s 15.6 million.

5. A Push for More Safety
Big pushes for autonomous braking systems in the E.U. and backup-camera regulations in the U.S. are just two examples of a push for automotive safety.

What do you expect to be big this year in the automotive industry? Let us know by commenting below or tweeting at us.

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