What’s Shaking?!… Test Your Product the Way Life Tests it With Vibration Testing Equipment from Kokusai

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAt Kokusai, the question “What’s shaking?” means more than just “What’s going on?” – literally, it’s a question asked by anyone using our specialized vibration testing equipment, including our Quake systems.

Kokusai Quake vibration testing systems are multi-axis systems and they’re able to vibrate and shake products on all three axes, independently and simultaneously and with virtually no crossover! Our Quake systems offer effective product, package, and transportation testing for all industries – for anyone involved in all the different types of product manufacturing industries, plus materials handling, transportation, and more.

Companies using Kokusai’s Quake vibration testing systems can guarantee that their perfect-condition products stay that way throughout the shipping and handling process: from the time they leave the manufacturer until they arrive at consumers’ doorsteps.  As well as ensuring that as their products are place under various vibration conditions in use that they won’t break or fail prematurely.

Kokusai offers a complete line of seismic and various transportation simulations and governmental and industry tests on their vibration creation and detection equipment, including:

  • Quake Vibration Testers
  • Four Poster Vibration Tester
  • Tension and Torsion Testers
  • High Speed Tire and Wheel Uniformity
  • Engineless Simulators
  • Wheel Gauging and Wheel Balancing
  • DynaDrive Flat Belt Testing … and more to come in the near future!

Overall, Kokusai vibration testing systems simulate real-world stresses, and this helps our customers meet the high expectations and demands of today’s consumers. Our specialized equipment does this by simulating “real world” vibrations — shaking, dropping, and other types of movement affecting products during shipment and handling.

We’d be happy to tell you more about our vibration testing systems and to give you an overview of what’s shaking at Kokusai… Give us a call at 317-704-9922, or if you want to see a demonstration of Kokusai Quake equipment in action, watch this video posted on our website.

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