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Coil Winding Testers

Coil Winding Testers
Coil Winding Testers

For the testing of electrical coils, armatures, and stators, Kokusai USA manufactures coil winding testers, such as armature coil contact probe units, and impulse surge testers.

Our impulse surge testers apply a non-destructive high voltage pulse, testing for the number of turns, short circuits between coils, coil welding failures, corona discharge, and insulation errors among other issues. To detect the winding defects in electrical coils we offer an armature coil contact probe unit, which utilizes computer controlled testing to give the instant “go” or “no-go” judgment for quick removal of a defective part from the production line. This equipment ensures that testing can take place in a short amount of time for efficiency and greater productivity. We recognize the importance of coil testing for motor manufacturers, and our machines are manufactured upholding stringent standards of functionality and quality, producing all equipment in our other available machinery, please see the table below or contact us directly.

Coil Winding Testers
Coil Winding Testers
Coil Winding Testers
Coil Winding Testers
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Coil Winding Testers - Capabilities

Machine Name
Coil Winding Testers
Armature Coil Contact Probe Units
Impulse Surge Testers
Electrical Coils
Winding Defects
Defective Part Judgment
Number of Turns
Short Circuits Between Coils
Open Coils Welding Failures
Insulation Errors
Corona Discharge
Non Destructive High Voltage Pulse
Machine Style

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Motors, armatures
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